About Me

Posted on Jan 19, 2010

Originally from the East Coast, I received my Bachelors from Williams College with a double major in Environmental Biology and Studio Art with an additional concentration in Theatre Set Design.  From there, I got my Masters of Science in Architectural Design at University of Massachusetts. I presented the first Master’s Design Project done on a CAD system at the University.  After college, I spent a few years designing office buildings, then moved on to hospitals and other professional health care structures.

Finally, I escaped to Hawai’i.  I’ve lived in Hawaii for over 20 years and have a comprehensive understanding of the Hawaiian environment.  Unlike a lot of designers, I’ve actually gotten out of the office, and put in 6 years physically working on construction projects.  I know first hand what it really takes to go from a nice drawing to a finished home here in Hawai’i.  I also know how to work within realistic budgets.  My New England upbringing holds  strong practicality, proper function and a clear understanding of quality.  My art education brings design creativity and uniqueness to your home project.